To schedule an individual virtual appointment to speak with one of our assistant directors about our master's degree programs*, please review their availability and make a selection on the calendar below:

    Amanda Friedman

    Assistant Director of  Admissions, Events, & Recruitment

    Kelly Morrissey

    Assistant Director of Admissions, Communications & Marketing


    Please note that meeting availability changes and registration opportunities are blocked off as appointment times are booked. Additional meeting opportunities are added often. 

    Due to the limited availability of our team, we allow one virtual appointment per student. Please refrain from booking multiple appointments. 

    If all dates are booked, we recommend registering for an upcoming Virtual Campus Visit opportunity, which can be registered for here.

    The Office of Admissions & Financial Aid observes all campus holidays, breaks, and closures.

    *These appointments are reserved for potential master's students. To learn more about the Ph.D. Program at YSE, please contact their team directly. 
    Unavailable / Filled
    Not Scheduled
    Please note, all appointment times listed are in Eastern Time. To convert times to your time zone, you may consider using this website, or a similar one.